Napster (formerly Rhapsody Music)

After Rhapsody acquired a music startup called Exfm, where I worked as an interactive designer, we were tasked with using our expertise in social music discovery to imagine the relaunch of Napster.

With Napster’s infamy as a pioneer in peer-to-peer sharing of music, and our domain knowledge in helping people discover new music through trusted friends and tastemaskers, Rhapsody wanted to leverage the spirit of both platforms and bring that to their music streaming service.


Freemium User Experience 

We explored ways to create a rich experience for free users — giving them options beyond the monthly fee.

Challenges including compliance to DMCA regulation, which included such limitations as the number times of a user can skip songs over a period of time, the minimum number of songs in a playlist, playing songs on-demand, and making music available offline.

Solutions explored were people-powered radio stations, microtransactions, day-passes, and rewards.

Interaction Design Exploration — Tuner

Napster X

Next generation player with an emphasis on playlist creation and personalization.


Mid-fi Wireframes — Mobile Home and Feed Screens
The user is presented with stacks of content — playlists created by you, dynamically built from saved search terms, generated by Napster, and shared from friends.

Visual Design Exploration — Personalized Playlists

Visual Design Exploration — Ticker Tape Concept

Visual Design Exploration — Kaleidoscope Concept

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