Explorer v2

Clarifai Explorer has its roots in a hackday proof-of-concept… a Chrome extension enabled users to make predictions on any image on the web, and search for visually similar images. Over time, numerous features were added on and eventually became a complex UI for building, labeling, and evaluating the accuracy of image recognition models.

Clarifai Explorer UI
Explorer is a first of its kind web application that enables users to (a) visualize their images (b) create training data (c) train machine learning models (d) evaluate model performance (e) perform visual search.

V1 had been live for about a year to clients and registered users of Clarifai, when it became apparent that we needed to refine the user experience and underlying technology. We conducted usability testing and interviewed stakeholders — 1) internally: members of data strategy, sales, customer success and support, executive, and (2) externally: customers and registered users.